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Olive d'Nightlife & Agatha Boogie are the stars of Douglas Dewey Creative &

Atlanta's Favorite Comedy Drag Duo

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Olive d'Nightlife

Olive d'Nightlife is the embodiment of her namesake. (For those under 35, the name is an homage to the Alicia Bridges' disco hit 'I Love the Nightlife'.) With legs that measure 43" from heel to hip, Olive strikes a statuesque appearance wherever she performs. Opposite Agatha, Olive fills the traditional "straight man" role in their comedic duo.

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Agatha Boogie

Agatha Boogie is everyone's FAVORITE eccentric Aunt. Having been born without a filter, you just never know what Agatha might say or do next. Though she's a little rough around the edges, Agatha is pure of heart and has endless love for ALL.

NYC Fringe, 2015
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St. Patrick's Day, 2022
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Easter, 2023
Atlanta, 2023
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